Copy Your Trades From Other Platforms !

Wtraders now offers a revolutionary service in the world of copy trading in partnership with , where we enable our customers to copy trades from other platforms using the latest advanced systems

If you have a real or demo trading account
Or a viewing account (investor) on one of the following platforms:-
MT4 / MT5 / LMAX / FXCM Station / Ctrader

And you want to copy his trades on your real or demo account in Fiber platform !

All you have to do is register the informations for the account you want to copy from and the account you want to copy to, specifying the risk in the following form

Supported platforms for the main account to be copied from (real / demo / investor)
MT4 / MT5 / LMAX / FXCM Station / Ctrader

The main account, which is the external account that the client seeks to copy his trades (it can be a investor account)


Platform used:

Server Name
Trading Account Number
Trading Account Password


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Fiper Account Number
Fiper Account Email
Fiper App Password
The type of risk