Why Us

WTRADERS is one of the best sources of global market analysis for investors that helps them to achieve the best results .

WTRADERS is a project of the ALDAR GROUP based in the State of Qatar and Turkey and Lebanon offers technology services under ALDAR SOFTWARE LTD commensurate with the financial markets. As a result of the rapid growth in our private investment in this sector and the available tools to us we have created this project to share our unique technical capabilities which will help the traders significantly and to improve the operational efficiency of the client`s trades in line with their investment objectives Consequently, all our members in WTRADERS team are experts and certified with high experience.


Through several years in the financial markets, our main concern is changing people`s mentality about global markets in general. We are offering free lectures to all people to educate them by providing the basics to start the financial markets properly and improve their skills as well. In brief, WTRADERS provides all the possible services that any trader could need. However, we are ensuring to spread our experience and mentality to all people who may be concerned about our specialties we look forward to joining us soon.


Mohammed Al-boinin

CEO & Founder

Fatih Ay

Head of Software Department

Arafat Karakaya

Aldar Group Director

Aldar Group

Development Partner

Mootaz Fatnassi

Marketing Officer

Hakan Soydemir

Graphic Designer

Ms. Lara Al Jawad

Office Representative

Vahap Erdem

Digital Marketing Officer

Ms. Eline Ismaeel

Office Representative

Mohammed Kryani

Internal Coordinator

Ms. Aysun Polat

Trading Advisor

Mr. Trump